The Planet Earth and its people are advancing towards a New Beginning. How this beginning transpires depends on individual responsibility. The direction chosen to excel throughout these changes become more apparent by the acceptance of a spiritual transition.

     The third dimension is excelling into an elevated position when desire and necessity for materialistic objectives lessen and a harmonic unification in humanity's universal understanding evolves. This dimensional shift is continuing to accelerate as noticeable changes are taking place between both the physical and spiritual planes. The merging of these two planes is manifesting through various phases affecting people in different ways depending on their evolutionary development.

     Those of advanced spiritual insights that know of these changes taking place must assist others in expanding their awareness of the transitions now occurring. Emphasizing the hiuman experience as one of enlightenment is most important to create a positive outcome.

     The Polaris Writings are presented to assist in this evolutionary process by interacting with the Human Spirit through a learning experience that brings a new awareness in preparing for future transformations. These writings were manifested through a dimensional thought process, therefore, when reading allow time for the intellect to consciously elevate for spiritual discernment and understanding.

     The purpose of the Polaris Writings is to form a foundation in a new way of thinking that enhances spiritual awareness. The concepts presented are Universal and have existed from the beginning of time. All persons of spiritual desire have the ability to attain knowledge through this Universal Intelligence. these writings will assist in fulfilling that desire.

     This foundation for learning should not be considered a new religion, or so absolute in concepts that each subject needs to be followed word for word. The true purpose is to inspire a spiritual revolution and to assist earthbound spirits through individual awakenings.

     The importance of this presentation and others like it need to be brought into public awareness to generate a planetary harmonic centralization for Universal Understanding. Those who know of these things to be true now is the time to speak out and determine our future. Each one of us has a spiritual gift to share in creating this New Beginning for the Planet Earth.


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